Sunday, June 9, 2013

Benchmark Blues

Stash is being spun!
Nothing like a really fun wedding the night before you need to do your benchmark with your personal trainer to set yourself up for the Benchmark Blues.  I actually went a little overboard on purpose last night because I knew I knew I hadn't lost any weight due to the crazy month I've had. First there was a vacation that included sampling microbrews and eating pub grub, then the weekend of red wine and lasagna, a meet up with a carton of Ben and Jerry's and the Butterfinger caper.  That with a mega wipe out of hay fever making me kind of groggy and lazy during workouts, it's amazing that I pretty much stayed the same!
Finished spinning another bobbin of merino/alpaca
The hangover was no fun.  Despite the hangover I was able to outdo all of my other benchmarks like squats, time to walk a mile, and time holding a plank.  There is this one thing called a burpee that I totally stink at and continue to do badly.   But really, the hangover was no fun at all.  Note to self: Do not drink a bottle of red wine the night before benchmarks ever again.

Merino/alpaca are ready to ply.

My Tour de Fleece training is going extremely well! This morning I finished an entire bag of that merino/alpaca blend and I plied the Coopworth braid.  Finishing the Coopworth is especially good news because I need to clear the Matchless for the Tour. I found some 20 year old stash to spin for my Spin Your Stash group and I want to do it at a DK weight or light worsted on that wheel. This yarn will be used in a sweater.

The Coopworth has been plied!
Can a 20 year old fleece even be spun? I did have it made into roving some time ago and everything has been carefully stored, so yes, you can keep fibers for quite some time before finally getting around to spinning it.  Yarn also keeps if it is stored properly. Though I use plastic tubs, I put them in paper bags or old pillowcases inside the tubs so the fiber can breathe. This works quite nicely.

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  1. Lovely spinning as always. Good to know that 20 year old stash can be spun :D