Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blowing in the Prairie Winds

The Yarn Barn had this puppy and I'm in love.
Chloe, my four harness table workshop loom, isn't speaking to me any more.  It could be because I warped her wrong in Lucy Brusic's Crackle Scarf in A Day class and she was embarrassed by the poor tension, or it could be my spending too much quality time with the Wolf Pup in the Yarn Barn booth.  Now, having one of those puppies wouldn't have helped in terms of brain cramp while warping, but it would have made weaving a lot easier.  I ended out with a touch of tendinitis from spending most of the day at the table loom and slept in the next day missing my 8:30 a.m. class.  Sound familiar, students?

A view of the Flint Hills.
To make matters worse, I'd stationed Chloe right next to the weaving power couple--you know, phone calls from work etc.  The woman came with her warp already wound on, and I'm sure it was wound on by her weaving-enthusiast husband since she couldn't help but point out my warps tension problems.  It's not Chloe's fault, really. I just wound it on the beam in the wrong direction, which isn't surprising as I usually spend a lot of time winding a warp on. Doing it in class wasn't a good fit for me.  During lunch, I realized what I'd done wrong after talking with someone at the Yarn Barn. I switched it around and this created the tension situation.

The oldest rock in Kansas.  We saw this as we explored the back roads on our way home.
Next class I have is going to include me having beamed the warp a couple of weeks ahead of time, and hopefully on a Wolf Pup.  But I did learn crackle weave.  Lucy had me do it in the "Italian Style" though I don't think it was authentic--there was no chianti or Pavarotti singing O Solo Mio.  I mean seriously, it ain't Italian style without those two ingredients, I don't care how you treadle.
A couple raised six kids in this house back before they had Ipods.
The good thing about the workshop is the fodder for my book 100 Weaving Mistakes to Make.  Lucy suggested I add and Five New Ones to the the title to give it more punch.  I love it!  I may already have a few of the new ones.

This sod house is preserved in a park. It was tiny.
Our travels included a stop at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Kansas on our way down to Emporia.  On our way back, we drove straight north through the Flint Hills and stopped in little towns along the way to explore.  People made an effort to preserve the history, which made our touring that much more interesting and enjoyable. It's a beautiful state.

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