Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Too much stuff?

Tiger lily yarn is all spun up!
One episode of Hoarders, and we had 13 bags of books lined up at the door to go to Goodwill. This narrow  passage was stowed in the truck the next day and hauled away.  It's amazing how that show can really give you a kick in the butt about the stuff you weren't quite getting too.  It's a real wake up call.  My husband said there were 20 cars ahead of him unloading stuff, so we aren't the only ones cleaning house. Our bookshelves needed thinning and Goodwill is a worthy organization.
Merino/alpaca blend waiting to be spun.
We've sent many things their way over the years and subscribe to the idea that one man's junk is another's treasure.  I've even given away yarn--early on in hand spinning I let go of my entire stash of mill spun yarn.  I later gave away knitting yarn that came with a loom.

I'm a firm believer that if I can't fit it in my house, I don't need it.  Not everyone shares this or there wouldn't be so many of those storage places everywhere.  I can see a storage unit as a temporary thing--like lets say you want to sell your home, take a trip around the world, and then come back and buy a new place. Then, yes, a storage locker. But if I have so much stuff that I need to rent another garage for it, then it is time to step back and reassess what I'm doing.

Which is why I say I've reached my "loom maximum" and I suppose my spinning wheel maximum too!  I bet my DH will be sighing in relief when he reads this blog!  I won't mention that I think I have room for one more carder....

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  1. The Tigerlily yarn looks great spun up. I have a hard time parting with books, other things I can happily give to a thrift store, but books you need to pry out of my hands...