Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tour de Fleece spins into action

My Tour de Fleece project
Tour de Fleece frenzy has begun--Ravelry's three weeks of handspun madness.  Thousands of hand spinners from around the world participate in this virtual "race" whose timeline mirrors the Tour de France.  Race is parenthetical, as we aren't competing against each other, but more with ourselves, setting personal goals and each day posting picture of our progress.

I'm captain of the Spin Your Stash team, and we all dove into our stash find our challenges for this years tour.  As captain, I felt I should attempt to spin up some truly vintage stash.  The bumbs shown above are from a fleece I purchased 20 years ago!  The bobbin is about 22 years old as in the wheel it is being spun on.  Yes, this stash has aged.

This is really a fun and worthwhile event that allow hand spinners from all over join up in a virtual spin in.  It is fun to see everyone's beautiful fiber.  Many people are working with gorgeous hand painted rovings, but I am joined by many hardy stalwarts who manage to spin bobbin after bobbin of naturally colored fleece. So I am not alone in working with piles of gray.

From now through July 21, there will be lots of spinning going on at my house!

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  1. Now I am impressed! 20 year old roving! It looks like it spins up beautifully! I'm new to spinning so you have made me feel better about my fleece I have been ordering since April that I haven't gotten washed and labeled and stored yet!
    viva la Tour de Fleece!
    Beth P