Sunday, July 28, 2013

Worth the time

This purple towels will go to my Mom.

Taking the time to do something right is worth it. This weekend, I restrung the Fanny, and now I am weaving error free towels.  Twisting of the warp in the back was contributing to uneven tension and broken warp strings. With seven or eighth towels worth of warp left, I had to do something about it.

I cut the first three towels off the loom and unstrung it, using tape to keep the order of the threads.  It's a sectional beam so I was able to "keep the cross" in one inch increments.  I rethreaded the entire project, and now I have a nice, evenly tensioned web to weave on.  So far so good.

This yarn will add color to what I spun for the tour.
As for yarn, I havefinished the merino/alpaca blend I started months ago.  I have about three thousand yards of fine warp--enough to make a double batch of pretty throws.  My next project is a color splash to go with all the brown yarn I spun on the Tour.  This yarn from the above braid will allow me to add a fair-isle effect to the sweater's yoke.  This yarn should be pretty!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tour de Fleece Winner's Circle!

1800 yards of finished yarn!
Twenty-year-old fleece is now few-days-old yarn, thanks to the Tour de Fleece and it's annual spinning madness! It was a great tour this year, volunteering to serve as a moderator and captaining the team for the Spin Your Stash group.  I managed to spin about 36 ounces of wool making about 1800 yards of two-ply yarn. I've rounded these figures up a bit because I lost the paper I was using to keep track. I had to figure my yardage from memory.

I am glad the tour is over.  I spent a few hours per day at my wheel to keep up with it and then there was all that time on Ravelry checking out posts and more.  Right now, I'm pretty tired of spinning and want to go back to my slower spinning pace.  And I need to weave. I miss weaving.

I just finished threading four inches worth of heddles on the Fanny.  During the Tour, I got the idea to fix some tension issues by cutting the first three towels off the loom and retying it.  Then I got the idea to re-thread it--I'm not sure this was the best idea I've ever had but it seemed brilliant and correct at the time.  I am also in the middle of winding a warp for the new-to-me loom.  So I do have lots of things to keep me busy now that I'm not spinning all the time.

Though one thing is finished, I'm in the middle of plenty more.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spinning my wheels in the Tour de Fleece

Where I was a week ago.
My Tour de Fleece progress seemed to mirror my exercise efforts. I was off to a slow start the first week or so, with only a plied bobbin and one full skein to show for my efforts.  But like in my fitness regime, I caught a second wind.

My fitness benchmarks went really well last weekend and I shed 8 pounds of fat!  Also, I feel great  able to do more push ups, sit ups and other benchmark feats.  I am keeping up with my weight circuits and my cardio--today, I enjoyed a ten mile ride through some beautiful areas including restored prairie.  I also caught a new wind in terms of spinning!

A full skein, a skein in waiting and a lot less unspun fiber!

Spinning improved right away and I was out there in the Peloton treadling up a storm! I skeined one bobbin and plied another.  I still have quite a bit to go, but I'm confident I can make a dent in this stash by the end of the tour, if not finish it entirely.  There will be more to show soon!

If you are on Ravelry, you will find the Spin Your Stash team to be producing lovely yarn! Many have dived deep into their stash bins to find lovely things to spin.  It is really fun and encouraging to see.  Go Team!