Sunday, July 28, 2013

Worth the time

This purple towels will go to my Mom.

Taking the time to do something right is worth it. This weekend, I restrung the Fanny, and now I am weaving error free towels.  Twisting of the warp in the back was contributing to uneven tension and broken warp strings. With seven or eighth towels worth of warp left, I had to do something about it.

I cut the first three towels off the loom and unstrung it, using tape to keep the order of the threads.  It's a sectional beam so I was able to "keep the cross" in one inch increments.  I rethreaded the entire project, and now I have a nice, evenly tensioned web to weave on.  So far so good.

This yarn will add color to what I spun for the tour.
As for yarn, I havefinished the merino/alpaca blend I started months ago.  I have about three thousand yards of fine warp--enough to make a double batch of pretty throws.  My next project is a color splash to go with all the brown yarn I spun on the Tour.  This yarn from the above braid will allow me to add a fair-isle effect to the sweater's yoke.  This yarn should be pretty!

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