Sunday, August 4, 2013

Making strides in book research

The warp rolled onto the back beam.
 Yet another chapter of  One Hundred Weaving Mistakes Not to Make, And Five New Ones, is well on its way to being researched.  The warp on the table runners shown above went on with deceptive ease.  Even the postal paper I purchased to separate the layers rolled on without a hitch.  I though I would finally have a blog where I didn't have mistakes!

But, no, I still had the lease sticks to put in!  It turns out that I flipped one of the neat one inch packets of warp when I spread the second cross and tied it to the back beam. Yikes! There it was staring at me laughing "Muwahahaha! Your project is ruined!"  But I remained undaunted and found a way around it, once more  using the "tape" method I used to save the warp on the Fanny.

About 1/4 of the heddles are threaded.
I got out my handy tape and used it to tape the threads into correct order before pulling the two sections that crossed out of the lease sticks.  Then I went ahead and threaded them.  I am using my new-to-me loom the 8 harness Loomcraft, named LuLu which I found on Ravelry and purchased in May.  The design is a 7 shaft pattern I came up with myself using free weaving design software.  I started with a tie up I found in the book 8 Shafts, a Place to Begin, and went from there. I hope to have the loom threaded so I can start weaving next weekend.

This hand-painted Montadale Roving is a joy to spin.

On my Ladybug wheel is the beautiful purple and turquoise roving above.  The "Sleeping Beauty" colorway is the creation of one of the many local wool producers who sell their wares at Esther's Place as part of the Illinois Fiber Cooperative.  This is beautiful stuff and I have an entire pound.  I hope to have enough to weave the warp of a throw.  I would use the merino/alpaca blend I was spinning earlier this year.  This would create a 100% grown and made in Illinois product! I think this will be a first for me, as I purchase so much fleece from Wisconsin and upstate New York.

That's all for now.  I have to get back to threading that loom!


  1. Wow! I know nothing about weaving as yet being just a newbie spinner I am tackling one hurdle at a time. I have to admit the whole weaving thing makes me feel like a deer in the headlights! LOL!
    Love that blue and purple top!
    Good luck with the loom...
    Hugs from a new follower,
    Beth P

    1. Welcome! Glad to hear you are learning to spin--it is a great hobby and I find it the most relaxing fiber pursuit. (Okay, I know you don't believe me but really, it does get relaxing!) Weaving is nice because there is so much to learn--and I know the deer in headlights feeling. Just learning all the term is intimidating!