Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weaving as life

Half-way through warping the loom.
Weaving is an apt metaphor for my life right now.  The craft has a slow start for me, a planning stage of mulling things over and figuring out design followed by the painstaking warping phase.  First the warp is measured out and accurately threaded to create the design before weaving can begin.  I feel like I am in the warping phase of my life right now.

Nine months ago, I was sitting in the emergency room unable to move my hand hoping that the people around me knew what they were doing.  Fortunately, those people did and I was able to recover quickly from what turned out to be a small stroke.  Since then, I've been making significant changes in my lifestyle, but like weaving, there is a lot to it.

My husband and I joined a gym back in March, realizing we needed to make drastic changes.  I took the plunge and signed us up for a lot of personal training and I've been going twice a week for months.  But like warping a loom, the process has been slow and painstaking.  I've needed to build a foundation for fitness and as I've trained and grown fitter, my diet has changed with it.

And like warping, their isn't much to show for all the time.  After four months, I've lost nearly 3% of my body fat and still have at least 20% to go before I reach my target of 25% body fat, which is a healthy place for women. That's a lot of fat to burn.

So I feel like I'm still putting the warp on my lifestyle change.  There has been so much to change foodwise.  I've really had to learn to stop thinking sugar is a "treat." I've had to learn that I'm not depriving myself when I skip that piece of cake, which inevitably turns out to be two or three pieces of cake.  When I "deprive myself" of the cake, I do myself a big favor because I won't feel like garbage later. That wasn't an easy lesson to learn.  Took me a few stupid "treats" before it clicked.

Weaving goes a lot faster than warping.
Today I spent more than an hour at the gym doing total body strength training which I topped off with some yoga and meditation.  Yes, there were times during my circuits when I asked myself, "What am I doing?"   But when I was done, I felt really great--a kind of great I've never felt from food or beer or sleeping late.

I think I'm almost to the end of warping this lifestyle change.  Oh, I may have to do an adjustment here and there, but I think I'll be weaving soon.

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