Sunday, September 15, 2013

Three looms, three wheels, one Rose

I was up early to weave some red towels
The downside to OLAD--Obsessive Loom Acquisition Disorder-- is an obvious one.  You end out with a lot of looms.  I'm glad I've been cured as my floor looms have spread around the house like weeds ina] neglected garden.  Except I don't want to neglect my looms! I do love my looms.

Which begs the question--three looms and one WeavingRose!  How do I get around to all of them?  Yesterday, I wove on the Fanny.  I was tired of the purple towel and wanted to get it over with.  This morning, I woke up before dawn and wove what you see in red.  I also carded some alpaca, and I'm glad to say, I'm finished that carding project.

Three more skeins of roving to spin!
The alpaca will follow the colorful Montadale I've been spinning for a future weaving project--a throw, which I'll weave on the large loom upstairs.  I don't use that loom in summer because the room is kind of warm, so now that the weather is cooler, I'm ready to start weaving some big stuff.

But I haven't left Lulu behind, and the sparkly project I showed you last week.  I've been weaving on that today, and have about another foot to go.  That is a fun loom to weave on and I'm loving it.  My two smaller looms share a bench, so I plan to do a couple days of weaving on each one before switching the seat over.  Good thing I wove on the Fanny yesterday as I was having serious brain farts in terms of treadling and it was easier to fix my mistakes as I'm more familiar with the design.

Freshly dyed Jacob fleece
Plans to make throw rugs from handspun is also keeping me busy.  I dyed a Jacob fleece Iris hoping to get a nice heathery color with the two toned fleece.  This is going to be a great project once I get to weaving it.  I plan to use my favorite linen warp and a warp faced rosepath motif in this violet with natural sheep gray and tan.  I have hairy Karakul and Icelandic to spin up for those last two colors.

That's about all of the fun on the Craftstead.  Lot is getting done this weekend!

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  1. That Jacob fleece sounds interesting... I bet it will be gorgeous. I love the heathered look in yarns! sounds like you have a lot planned and are getting things accomplished... hope some of that wears off on me! I've been in one of those valleys lately and not much accomplished except in my head :D
    Beth P