Sunday, September 8, 2013

Timeless Weekends

Finally! Weaving my Holiday Place Mats on the new to me loom!

What I love the most about weekends is the opportunity to live without the clock--to wake up, to eat, to craft or even clean as the mood strikes and to mix up these tasks in a bit here and a bit there.  No catching a few minutes of spinning while keeping one eye on the clock so I know when to charge out of the how to head to work.  No eating lunch at a prescribed time. On weekends, I can graze among my craft projects--weave some on one loom, do a bit of carding, weave on another loom, maybe throw a load of laundry in.  No time constraints.

We do run errands on the weekend, but even those are done when we get to them. The DH just asked me when I wanted him start the charcoal on the grill, so I asked him when did he want to eat?  Of course, asking me is husband-code for "I'm hungry. I want to start the grill now." I've figured out the correct response.  Who needs a clock to tell us when to start a grill? Stomachs work fine.

Hand painted Montadale that will become weft for a throw for my sister.
Of course, we are surrounded by clocks even on weekends.  Ever notice they've managed to put a clock in absolutely everything?  This does come in handy when I'm keeping track on workdays, but really it is rather silly.  At night, I can wander the house by the lurid green light of all these LCD displays offering to tell me the time.  Darkness is a luxury we only get to enjoy when camping.

Yep, there is nothing like a timeless weekend to help me enjoy my crafts.  And when there are free minutes during the time constrained workweek, I can still carve out niches to relax and enjoy.

My back is much better now! It was a slow start this week but now I've pretty much resumed all my favorite activities---you know weaving, spinning, carding etc.


  1. The place mats look lovely, and the weekend sounds very relaxing.

  2. I love the handspun Montadale... very pretty colors. The placemats go without saying, oh all right, I'll say... Gorgeous! :D LOL! I'm just learning to spin so weaving is still a complete mystery to me!
    I had to laugh about those little digital clocks on everything... I told DH it was like having my own personal landing strip guiding me through the house at night! :D
    Hugs and looking forward to your next post,
    Beth P