Sunday, September 22, 2013


Working on my second runner. The red band is an experiment.

Now that I'm on my second runner, I am being extremely careful about mistakes.  I lost concentration a couple of times while weaving and had to backtrack. So far so good.  I've made it through about 15 inches of weaving without a mistake.  I find that it takes me a foot or two of weaving a new pattern before I am familiar enough with it to know when I've gone astray. It is easy to let my mind wander and find myself lost in my treadling, not sure where I am in the pattern.  Now that I've woven it for four feet, I can look at the design and know exactly where I am or if I've gone astray.

I'm using a different weft thread on this runner. Rather than the 8/2 dark green Tencel, I'm using a 3/3 Rayon in a brighter green.  It isn't that obvious in the picture, but the green is a bit thicker and I like how the design shows up. I found the cone in a re-sale shop, likely left over from a weaver's estate. This rayon is super slippery and took a bit to get used too.

The draft I'm weaving has some properties of overshot.  In the red band in the front, I tried weaving it as an overshot, using some glitzy red thread as the tabby (weaver talk for plain weave). This did not work out, because I needed a wider set for it to work out. So I abandoned the experiment and went ahead with my original plan. It will be interesting to see how the cloth turns out.  I don't expect it to be sturdy, but it's a decorative item so I hope it will be okay.


  1. Well, although I don't have weaver's lingo under my belt, yet I basically got what you were saying. Either way I think it is coming along lovely :D
    Hugs from your new blogging friend,
    Beth P

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I try to make sense to those who do not weave, as well as to myself!