Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spare minutes

Part way through plying
Hand spinning for me is a simple pure craft, purely relaxing and pleasant in a tactile sort of way. Years of practice has allowed me to spin nice even yarns in short burst of time.  Once I've made my decisions regarding fiber and set my wheel up for the thickness desired, I can spin consistently in what I like to call "spare minutes."

A few spare minutes later and the bobbin is full!
Spare minutes could be 10 minutes I have before it's time to head to the office, or I could be waiting for a pot of water to boil.  My wheel is set up conveniently close to the kitchen.  I live in a ranch house with an "L" shaped living/dining room so the wheel can be right outside the kitchen only a few feet from the stove.  This is very convenient because I can hear the water boiling, stop spinning, add the pasta, set the timer and maybe stir a pot. Then I can return to spin some more.  I can get quite a bit of yarn spun in the 8 minutes it takes to cook my favorite whole wheat pasta!

I wound this off while waiting for salmon to bake.

And so. I do most of my spinning in short bursts of time.  With the exception of the Tour de Fleece, this is pretty much how I do my spinning. Occasionally, I might sit down for an hour or so to relax in the evening, but usually my spinning time is relegated to those little bits of time that open up here and there within a day.

Spare minutes let me start on another bobbin of this colorway.

If I have a whole hour, I like to go to my loom.  Weaving takes a bit of concentration and I like to have at least 20 minutes free before I will sit at the bench and start treadling.  It isn't something I would want to work at while something is on the stove! It is too easy to get lost in weaving and end out with a pot of something burned. But spinning seems almost made for interruptions--it is easy to stop and and pick up again five minutes later.  And so spare minutes turn into yards of yarn.

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  1. I love that yarn you spun... really pretty colors!