Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weaving fears

Ready to be plyed, this yarn will be part of a future weaving project.
Unused for nearly a year after purchasing it, my first floor loom picked at my conscience.  I had purchased it speculatively, knowing I wanted to learn to weave, but also knowing I wouldn't have time for at least a year.  I finally did learn to use it and have been enjoying the art for the past five years.  Three floor looms later, the thought of a loom sitting untouched for a year is at the base of my weaving fears.  And not mine alone, from what I read in the Ravelry's Warped Weavers thread about what scares weavers the most.

Naturally, there were other answers, like expensive warps gone to waste, but many shared this worry that one day they would wake up and not want to weave anymore.  A scary thought indeed for the average weaver who has more than one floor loom and thousands of dollars tied up in equipment.  Some have even built lovely studios or transformed bits of their homes for the purpose.  My guest bedroom is now had long workbenches for fiber prep and a loom.  I wouldn't know what to do with all this equipment if one day I decided to stop weaving, or what I would do with the extra rooms in my house if they didn't hold looms.  It is a strange thought, and an even stranger consolation to remind myself that at least I purchased it all used!

And all the yarn and the plans and the designs waiting to be explored.  I have more ideas than I have hours in the day to weave. I know weaving will be with me for years to come, but the thought of one day deciding to stop is still sobering!

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