Sunday, November 3, 2013

Natural New Year

New warp for the loom
November, for me, is the start of the "natural" New Year.  From an agrarian standpoint, the garden is harvested and put to bed (I don't grow turnips) and my thoughts have already turned to what I would plant next year.  The leaves are off the trees--or at least they should be--and things are quiet and waiting for spring to return.  Of course, the leaves aren't off my trees.  They are still green on my suburban plot and they are only just thinking of turning gold. I live in the Chicago suburbs and they should be almost gone by now. Climate change strikes again.  In the past, this time of year was left to the oaks who like to cling to their leaves so they can choke up drains in spring.

Usually, when I am putting my garden to bed, I am thinking of what I can do better next year.  Next year, we will have a garden.  There wasn't much this year because it was tough for us, with me having that small stroke and the DH breaking his arm in spring.  I wouldn't call it a bad year though. The arm healed nicely and my health has improved.  My weaving has improved too and the past natural year brought new-to-me looms.  I just cut off the first project on the loomcraft, and have some glitzy holiday table runners to finish.

Fresh off the loom glitzy table runners.
Since it is the natural new year, I like to reflect on my life in general.  Next year will be better.  Next year, I will go to Paris and wander the streets and stop along the Seine and draw Notre Dame.  I will visit the Louvre and the Musee Dorsay and sit at a cafe and sip cappuccino.  I will also wander the streets of Rouen and visit Chartre.

Next, I will improve my fitness level.  I had been working with personal trainers since March.  I'm not sure the current one is working out.  She likes to use free weights, something I've been doing on my own for the past decade.  I don't find this sort of workout particularly challenging.  Why, I ask myself, should I spend all this money going to a gym for a workout I can do myself at home?  I have DVD's and the internet to teach me all the moves.  In fact, I just learned some new moves as part of a challenge on Ravelry's Anti-Lard Alliance.  I am doing the Complex Challenge for November--which is a big challenge! Now why is it that I learned about a complex from a group on a knitting website and not my personal trainer?  Anyhow, if I am going to a gym, I want challenging workouts that use the cool gym equipment, not just more of the same-- free weights and a chair.  I can do that at home.

Next, I am going to do a lot more weaving.  I went ahead and ordered new tie-ups for the Fanny.  It only came with 4 and has been lagging due to my lousy homemade ones. Why, I wonder, has it taken me so long to do this?  I've had the loom since December! And of course, in January, I will make all kinds of fiber resolutions to go with the traditional New Year.

But in November with the natural year wound down and the days growing shorter to a sort of quiet sleepiness, it is a good time to reflect on life.  It's a time to think on the past, be thankful, and consider the future. With this, I can make each day as I live it peaceful and productive.

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