Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rose gets WIRED!

No product placement--I paid for all this stuff.
Gadgets have been piling up as I try to lose weight.  Just this week, I added a Polar watch and a Tanita scale to my arsenal of electronic gizmos to help me track my progress.  I bought the FT4 Polar, which is fairly basic, but it tracks my workouts so I know how many calories I'm burning.  I also have the basic FitBit which tracks my steps. I wouldn't mind upgrading to a fancier FitBit, but for now it works.  If FitBit wants to send me a free one, I would be glad to rave about it.  Same to you Polar! Yep, I'll gladly test free stuff.  Okay, back to the blog.

I'm not sure if I could upgrade my Tanita scale which I love by the way. I can stand on it several times in a row and still get the same weight and body-fat percentage.  I like that!  So, I am using that to track my progress now.  The earphones are for my MP3 player. It is impossible to drown out the crappy gym music without risking harming my hearing, so instead I play bi-neural beats in my ear that are supposed to enhance inner peace.  I figure inducing some inner peace is a good idea, considering the weird music now popular among someone.  I don't know who, certainly not me.

New tie ups for the Fanny.
The LeClerc Fanny has some new tie ups.  I love them.  Weaving is much nicer now that I've gotten rid of the ones I tried to make.  The loom had been used as a direct tie-up before I purchased it, so, it came with only  four tie-ups. Feeling cheap, I made  my own.  I finally e-mailed The Loom Doctor for some new ones. Yes, The Loom Doctor is an actual person. Not making this up.  He fixes all types of looms and his specialty is Leclerc.  Quite a few looms can be fixed with LeClerc parts, he says.

Weaving has sped up, except for exhaustion from working out.
The new tie-ups have sped up my weaving. The new training regime has slowed it down.  I pretty much ache all over now.  So much for complaining about my trainer.  I had an easy one before and never felt a sore anything and now I'm kind of achy.  Ouch.  I suppose it shouldn't get in the way of weaving. I'm a little tempted to put on my heart rate monitor and see how many calories I burn working at the loom! I have lots of fat to burn, so such information could be useful!

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