Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dish towels are done!

Dish towels!
Yes! Finally a stack of dishtowels to show for all the time I've spend weaving.  I haven't been able to show the table runners I made because of a few serious problems which will add to my book "100 Weaving Mistakes Not to Make, Lessons from My Adventures in Weaving."

These haven't been ironed yet.

I've already given one set away.  There has been  a little back up in my Holiday Gift Giving. We saw a break in the weather and a break from work so we headed back east to see some family for a few days.  This was decided with little planning, just deciding the day before and it kind of messed up my efforts to mail packages on time.  I wasn't able to give them the hard press (weaver for ironing) until I got back.  In fact, I gave a set to my brother without this last bit--I meant to press at a hotel but never got to it. Oops.

Another pic of the towels. You can see the selvages!
I've woven 11 towels from this warp so far.  I still have enough on there for a few more.  Will this warp ever end?  I am writing a note to self about this--no more giant towel warps! I think I have more than 11 yards on there! Though it has been fun to weave,  I can't try that nice Canadian Snowflake pattern from Laura Fry. I am very much looking forward to working on it! 


  1. Lovely!

    Do you hand-hem or machine-hem your handmade towels? And those are clearly off the loom.. so you just cut them off and tie on your warp to keep going?

    1. I hand-hem my towels. My hems are a bit on the thick side, but I use 100% cotton thread so they keep their functionality. I'm thinking of going back to fringes because twill has that double sided element.