Sunday, December 29, 2013

On to Onederland!

A healthy holiday gift!
Despite the call to weeks of food debauchery, referred to innocuously as The Holiday Season, I managed to lose 2 pounds and firmly place myself into the 10% weight loss circle since my stroke last year.  Losing this 24 pounds has been a long time coming, and I must say I am glad to be 1.5 pounds below this benchmark for improved health.  My next goal? Onederland!  I haven't been there in years.  My goal is to reach Onderland in the first quarter of this year--that is 13 pounds to tip over, and 15 to be firmly in Onederland.  It is ambitious, but doable since food debauchery slows to a standstill for me this time of year and there is the "New Year Resolution" burst to push me on my way.

There is also the slow cookery book my sister gave me for Christmas!  I love it and am on my second recipe, an aromatic rice vegetable pilaf that will make a great combo side dish for the roast beast on today's menu.

There are probably two more towels on this warp!
Finishing things up is high on my list of things to do the first quarter of the year.  I will be thinking in terms of quarters because of the Ravelry Group Spin Your Stash. We've decided to set our goals in quarterly form to give us a chance to focus more.  The first quarter will be to spin a project's worth of yarn.  Though I would like to spin enough heavy yarn for rugs, I am going to start with finishing up yarn for the throw project that has been going on for what seems like forever.  Regular readers have seen this before:
Pretty forever yarn.
Yes, it is pretty, but after awhile, well, I'd just like to see the end of this project.  I also have a huge pile of that merino/alpaca blend I want to use as warp!  I thought of putting it aside, but I'm kind of stubborn, so I will forge ahead with this project.  Yep, it will be more of the same for you, dear reader, but please bare with me.  I am sure to have some observations to share to keep it interesting.  And I'm sure to have a few weaving mistakes!

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