Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ambitious plans

I strung a thousand heddles during the cold snap.

Bitter cold kept me indoors for two days and I managed to thread 1000 heddles for my next throw project. The school where I work was closed so I had two extra days to craft! This particular project is using Laura Fry's Canadian Snowflake draft, and is the most complex thing I've put on my loom.  The pattern repeat for my use is 98, so I took extra care in threading.  I used an index card to keep track of where I was in the pattern and a binder clip to keep the index card in place.  I won't really know how I did until I start weaving.  This is the kind of pattern where you don't want to make a threading mistake.

Yak and silk
I am still dreaming of using the natural brown yak yarn I spun a couple of years ago to weave some scarves.  Here is another weft candidate, a richly dyed yak and silk blend form Widdershin Woolworks.  I found this will tooling around Ravelry looking for the right blend.  Spinning this and the braid I purchased last week are next on my spinning roster, as soon as I finish the blue and green I've been spinning for the past couple of months.  I hope to have the singles done by the end of the week.  I have an 8-shaft draft picked out and I'm looking forward to starting this project on the Loomcraft loom I brought home in May.
Farmers market find.

This time of year, I buy my locally grown happy chicken eggs and grass fed meats out of the back of a van.  The food comes down from Wisconsin and is local as far as we are concerned.  Included is the smoked trout shown above made by this small operation called Running Waters that raises and smokes their own trout.  This is delicious and makes amazing sandwiches.  We only get to eat it occasionally though, as smoke products tend to be a bit salty.

I need to get some crafting done.  This was an opera day, so I didn't get to spend much time at my loom. Only half the reed is sleighed, so I'd better get working!

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