Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow and cold? Time to craft!

Summer is a long time away.
Storm Charged Particle is making its way through the Midwest leaving lots of snow and bringing some freezing cold temperatures. Yep, that means a chance to wear all those handspun wool hats, scarves and sweaters! Yes, an I know the Weather Channel is calling the storm "Ion" but I thought I would translate that silly name. Of course, I could have written Storm Ion Charges Through the Midwest, lol! But I held back. Sheesh, they used to just be snow storms, now they have names.  To be honest, I can't keep up with all the names.

Yummy merino and yak!
Thinking of warm woolens, I just received the braid above in the mail from the Unwind Yarn Company.  They were having an end-of-the-year sale and I figured a luxurious 50/50 blend of yak down and merino would be the perfect way to start the new year! The colorway is Goldenrod and it will go great in a weaving project with all the natural brown yak yarn I have.  Yak is a lovely fiber to spin and is a budget conscious alternative to cashmere.  I highly recommend the fiber!

Handwoven basket pack is re-tasked.
I have a new addition to my spinning gadget arsenal, the handwoven basket fashioned into a backpack shown below.  My late mother-in-law purchased it at the Common Ground Fair in Maine to use in her local foraging activities--she loved to go out and harvest the wild asparagus!  She knew the flora and fauna of her neighborhood and regularly went out to pick berries, fiddleheads and other wild grown things.  We had to clean out the house over the holidays and picked this up, knowing I could find a good use for  it.  And here I have it, the perfect batt holder.  The basket will stand nicely by my wheel and I will be able to keep the batts clean with the waterproof nylon cover.
More to spin.
I have one more braid of the turquoise/purple blend.  I will be glad to have this finished! I have to say, it seems like I've been spinning it forever. And it is only one pound of fiber.

Well, tomorrow, I go back to work after being off for more than two weeks.  It will be a bit of a shock I expect.  I will also appreciate the discipline and structure of the work week.  I will likely get more done! Though to be honest, I'll miss lounging at will.  I would have lounged less had I not come down with a cold, but such is life!

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