Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weaving a complicated design

A large shuttle helps me weave the wide width of this loom..
Looking over the Canadian Snowflake pattern sent to me by Laura Fry, I was a little daunted by the complexity and concerned about threading and weaving errors ruining the whole project.  As it turns out, complexity is a good thing in weaving because it forced me to slow down and put into place methods to keep me on track.

With a 73 repeat, I need to be extra careful with threading and treadling
My current project is done in a rayon boucle that is roughly the size of 5/2 cotton.  I threaded it a 20 dents per inch.  Since my project is a throw, I ended out with 1000 ends to make the 50 inch weaving width. With this in mind I was able to include 9 snowflake repeats with the point twill filler pattern done twice between each one.  The snowflake pattern itself take 73 ends each time and the point twill pattern has a repeat of 13.

To keep track during threading I copied the pattern onto some graph paper and used an index card and paperclip to move up the paper as I threaded each bit.  I used two cards, actually so I could blank out one three to four end bit of the pattern.  With 73 ends, I needed to divide the design in half to fit it on the graph paper.  I marked each side of the design so the page was folded in half.  It turned out to be a good method.
Yarn for a future throw. Yes, it is done, all 1000 yards!
I really love weaving this.  I already have ideas for some hand towels.  I'll be using 3/2 cotton which I plan to set at 15 ends per inch.  I would put the snowflake in the center of the pattern and the point twill on each side.  This will make lovely towels!  I look forward to starting it but I have to get the last couple of goose eye towels off the loom.  I must remember not to make such long warps!

Been under the weather this weekend, so I haven't been able to make much progress. Most of this was done earlier in the week.  Can't believe we are getting another arctic vortex tomorrow.  

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