Sunday, February 23, 2014

Keeping it straight

IMG_0096 by Craftsteader
IMG_0096, a photo by Craftsteader on Flickr.
One of the challenges of treadling a complex weaving pattern is remembering exactly where I am in the pattern. I tried a number of different contraptions that included paper clips and index cards, but all this was too cumbersome for long term weaving.
Enter, the humble sticky-note. I place a sticky on each side of the portion of pattern I'm weaving. I chose the portions in 3 to 4 shot increments. The stickies can be advanced as I go. The glue on one sticky will last for several repeats of a long complicated pattern, so I would guess one pack of stickies will last through multiple weaving projects.
When I am called away from the weaving--usually the dog knocking on the back door to get in or the timer in the kitchen going off--I have the stickies butt edges at the exact line where I need to start again. This saves me having to remember, which I know I won't.
I love office supply stores, so, of course, I'm always amazed at how many cool items I can retask for weaving!

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