Sunday, February 9, 2014

Magic of sampling

These samples aren't much to look at, but I learned a lot.
Sampling has helped me feel more like a "real" weaver.  Winding that four inch warp and threading it onto my loom was a revelation for me--there is so much to learn from trying things out.  And so I move up the ladder of weaving from blundering along with newbie mistakes up to intermediate.  It's taken me five years to get here, but I have arrived.  It's time I tried something new, like overshot, and took on some new projects, like shawls and scarves.
I will be using this design in handtowels too!
I'm sampling for hand towels using that fabulous Canadian Snowflake pattern I'm making a throw with.  I will be using the snowflakes on the edge with the point twill as the main body.  I used the point twill for the sample.  I have 4/2 natural cotton for weft and 3/2 in colors for warp.  Naturally, I want to find the ideal sett for this combination.  So I tried a set of 18 and 16 dents per inch.  It is just a matter of re-sleighing the reed after weaving each sample.  I measured, washed, ironed, measured again, took careful notes on 5X7 cards and safety pinned the sample to the card.  I know have two nice setts to choose from for the perfect towel!

Pretty colors of Tencel
I have discovered Tencel!  It is so amazing and shiny!  I want it in a rainbow of colors, but I am holding myself back to put a dent in the colors I have already.  Yep, I've been shopping at the Yarn Barn again. I had a nice sized box of lovely Tencel shipped to me.  They have wonderful colors.  I've discovered that Camilla Valley Farm in Ontario has even more colors and it is easy for me to order from there.  I'll be calling for the color card.  Between the two suppliers, I should have a very colorful rainbow.  The colors shown above will be included in a shawl.  The red isn't Tencel, but a rayon mixed with glitter.  It looks AMAZING with the purple in the warp.  But more on that next week.  I have to get back to my studio!

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