Sunday, February 2, 2014

Too thin for rug yarn

Too thin for rug yarn by Craftsteader
Too thin for rug yarn, a photo by Craftsteader on Flickr.
Shown is a skein of Karakul rug yarn with a ball of Karakul unintentionally spun much to thin for this super bulky rug yarn.
The wheel was set up correctly--I had it the slowest (largest) whorl on the Matchless. The problem--I treadle too fast which lent itself to making a thinner yarn. I had to force myself to pay attention and spin slowly and make sure I was getting enough fiber into the yarn.
When I started this project, I was simultaneously spinning a very fine yarn on another wheel, so perhaps I thought what I was spinning was thick enough. This mistake, and waste of roving, has me thinking I might be better off concentrating on just one spinning project at a time.

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  1. Cool to find you over of Flickr!!! Keep snaping those pics!