Sunday, March 9, 2014

Three little projects

IMG_0139 by Craftsteader
IMG_0139, a photo by Craftsteader on Flickr.
The Canadian Snowflake throw is off my big loom Bella. Now I find myself with three projects going--one I'm weaving, one I'm threading, and one I'm just starting to plan. I just hope there isn't a big bad wolf of weaving!

Having all these projects going at once is pretty exciting. I love admiring the one that just came off the loom and it still needs finishing (so that make four projects, doens't it?)

I've started to weave a Tencel shawl and the fiber is so shiny it's a joy to weave. Next, I'm threading the Canadian Snowflake draft from Laura Fry to make some hand towels, and that is also something to look forward to as I love the design. Next? A colorful overshot throw on the big loom--but I have a long way to go. I just figured out the wpi of the warp this morning and need to decide on a sett and a draft! Shall I go with Bertha Gray Hayes or Marguerite Porter Davison?

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