Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Weaving

Roll of towels fresh off the loom.

There is nothing like a nice weekend to catch up on my weaving!  I managed to finish the hand towels I was weaving on the Fanny just in time for the stitch n' bittch retreat last Saturday. I cut them all off the loom brought them with me in the roll you see above.  Now that was a relaxing time.  It was great fun to see everyone, and people I don't get to see because they go to the daytime meeting.

Work cramps my style. Time spent at the Big "B" gets in the way of all kinds of fun I could be having either at home or at some get together somewhere.  Well darn.  I do like to keep a countdown until retirement, regardless of how silly it may seem.  I do look forward to the opportunity to socialize with other stitchers.

The towels hemmed but not wet finished.
The towels are all hemmed and waiting for a chance to be wet finished, which is weaver talk for washed and ironed.  Though weavers don't iron things the way normal people do, we give them a hard press.  Which means leaning into the iron as you press. You need to do this on a firm surface as ironing boards have been reported to collapse during the "hard press" process.

I don't own an ironing board, and won't have one in the house. Ironing is for dry-cleaners. Hard pressing is for weavers and I use my workbench.

Handpsun cotton yarn.
I also finished the cotton I'd been spinning since the beginning of April.  There isn't much of it but I think it will make a nice weft for a placemat or something.  My latest spinning project is a merino/bamboo blend I dyed a few years ago for the bamboo class I taught at the spinning guild.  I dyed the wool red and then the rayon blue using the two different dye methods appropriate for each fiber.
Fiber I dyed a couple of years ago.
The fiber is enjoyable to spin. I am making fine singles to ply into a fine two ply.  This is going really well.
I also have a lot going on in the world of weaving and I'm going to try new weave structures, including rep and overshot.  But more about that next week!

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