Sunday, June 8, 2014

A bit of knitting

This scarf is being knit from scarf yarn.
Beautiful weather and a digression into knitting have kept me away from blogging.  We've had steady flow of some really lovely weekends, so I have been out riding my bike or relaxing on the lawn chair and maybe a bit of gardening.  Since the looms are inside, I thought I'd try a bit of knitting.

Shown above is a scarf I'm knitting for a charity event my sit and stitch is planning.  It is made out of sock yarn and I'm using a simple mock brioche stitch.  I haven't knit for awhile and it took me a bit just to master this stitch.  Amazing how rusty I could get so quickly.

356 yards of two ply handspun.
The beautiful weather has also been perfect for sitting outside with a spinning wheel, so I managed to get some of that done too.  I enjoy spinning so this is a great thing to do outside.  The yarn is some superwash merino and bamboo I dyed myself using both wool and cellulose dyes.  I like the  way it came out.

 I suppose I need a loom I can bring outside to weave on--something a portable like one of those little Harrisvilles or maybe a Leclerc compact.  But I don't suppose that will be happening right away as I have plenty of things to keep me busy both inside and outside.

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  1. Glorious colors. The scarf is so cheerful! But I have to admit a weakness for soft muted colors like your handspun.