Thursday, June 12, 2014

Floating fiber

Blue false indigo leaning fro the rain.
It was snowing puffs of white cottony fluff.  Really.  I've taken to going on lunchtime walks for fitness and there's been some type of tree that has been shedding tufts of fluff that floats through the air like spin-able snowflakes! The stuff is gorgeous.  I've caught a few and it is fine and silky--but fiber is short and seeds plentiful.  I don't see myself collecting this for spinning anytime soon.  The seeds are the point of the floating fluff spreading the species reach with the wind. I need to learn the name of that tree!

And for me it is a sign that I am on the right course health wise, because not only am I getting a good walk but I'm also enjoying the sounds of birds and the sights of fiber shedding trees, flowers, plantings and more.

I have come to hate the gym and the endless pumping away on the treadmill it's view of a cracked black parking lot backed with the golden glow of the backside of a fast food joint. All this to the beat of the awful, blaring music in the gym.  It is so loud that the trainers all shout over it creating a chaos of noise. Using ear buds isn't helpful because to drown out the din I would risk ruining my hearing.

And really, do they have to play Rap and assorted weird stuff on their playlist?  They use Pandora and they could certainly filter out the offensive stuff it they wanted too--maybe the manager should take a look at their graying demographic and edit the playlist so we don't have to listen to morons and f-bombs? Their answer to any complain is, of course earbuds

Personally, I don't want to be deaf in five years.  Of course, this may explain the loud music.  Perhaps the management has had blasting earbuds for too long.  I'm sure the manager's fab Snoop Dog can give them a suggestion as to where they can put their earbuds.

And it's not just the noise, the machines break down, the cleaning is questionable and there isn't enough room to exercise if you aren't working with a trainer.  One thing training for 12 months has taught me is that I have all the equipment I need to stay toned and tough right at home.  I have weights, I have bands, I can do squats and sit ups in my family loom.  I don't have to work around trainers and their clients.  My loom is a handy place to steady myself or hold my feet for a sit up. Why bother with a gym? So we are done with the place.

When it gets too cold or wet, the Big B where I work has plenty of stairs for me to climb. But mainly, I want to walk outside.  I can do sit ups and squats at home.

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