Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We will always have Paris...

Selfie in the Louvre
We can say that now, having been there.  Paris was awesome and we enjoyed wandering around and seeing what we could see.  We do "slow" tourism, so there was no rushing around in a human clump from site to site.  We were able to spend 8 hours in the Louvre, for instance, taking our time to look and enjoy.  It was a massive buffet of artistic inspiration and the venue as striking as the art.  Bleary from our long day, we almost couldn't find our way out--we were stuck in an inspirational loop that kept sending us down a hall full of Roman sculptures instead of out of the Pyramid exit.  That was the night we found the Lebanese restaurant, I think, and a really good bottle of wine.

Rain at Place de Colette metro stop
Paris in the rain is a thing, but we only got one afternoon of it and an excuse to sit in a cafe, drink wine and watch it.  This was a nice outdoor Cafe on the Place de Colette next to the Comedie Francaise.  It was made especially interesting because there were city offices where people could get married, so there were a number of people on Saturday strolling past us in their wedding finery to tie the knot.  And people with umbrellas. I wanted to get a shot of people walking every which way with umbrellas, like in that painting, but the wine was good and I was relaxed.

Joan of Arc
My three favorite things were the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cluny, the Monet Waterlilies at the Orangerie and Sacre Couer at Montmartre.  All three of these had a spiritual dimension.  The Unicorn tapestries were beautiful and well worth finding your way to the Cluny.  The Parthenon was pretty amazing too.  Okay, and the pastry, and the little art galleries on tiny pack streets, and the Seine, the Tuillerie and the alien exhibit at their MOMA.  We spent quite a bit of time sitting in various parks enjoying the sunshine, including the Tuillerie.  We had dinner at 8 at night and slept until 10.  I suppose I could go on and on.

Paris is in me now--maybe it was always there, a byproduct of French class and knowing the language.  I know that all I saw and did will inspire and resurface in my art.

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