Sunday, January 18, 2015

Warping barbell

Warping barbell adds tension while beaming.
Seems like I'm finding lots of new uses for my exercise equipment these days. Shown above is what I've dubbed a Warping Barbell. This consists of my leg weights suspended at the ends of an inch thick dowel. I was trying to thing of some way to tension my warp when I hit on this idea. It's along the same lines as the warping trapeze Laura Fry talks about but without the need to attach something to the ceiling or build a big frame. The 10 pound weights keep the device in place and it does help provide a nice even tension.

I'm very happy wit this and plan to use it regularly.  I also enjoy re-purposing exercise equipment for weaving. Leg weights are also great for weighting a beater when doing something like rugs. And don't use this like a barbell as the weights fall off.  The warp, by the way, is yak. I was going to make a yak down scarf over winter break but it turned out to be a too delicate warp. I save the ruined warp for needlepoint.

26 oz of Wild Iris super bulky rug yarn.
 My plan to spin a pound of fiber a month is well on it's way with 26 oz of rug yarn completed. The Coopworth counts as "deep stash" as my friend Beth gave me the roving when she was destashing. I've dyed it Wild Iris. It helps a lot that I'm spinning super bulky rug yarn. Later this year, I intend to get a lot of rug weaving done and move stash from my closet to the floors. So far, so good!

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