Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weaving meets Yoga

Yoga blocks come in handy in the studio.
I've taken up Svaroopa Yoga, a gentle practice that helps loosen up tight spots in the hips and lower back from too much sitting and tension.  I take classes but also follow a home practice, called the Magic 4. This eases my lower back and aligns my chakras (energy centers) and leaves my body and mind relaxed and freed to pursuit my many interests. I feel the practice, by opening and aligning my chakras, improves the flow of creativity and squeezes out left over stress from the week.

Overshot block design with handspun alpaca warp and silk& kid mohair weft.

Yoga blocks were the perfect prop for leveling the shafts on the Loomcraft. I've decided to use a 4 shaft tie up on it for its next several projects and having my yoga items in the studio proved exceptionally handy.  As you know, I hate crawling under the loom to do tie up, but a careful selection of yoga blankets and a blanket roll made for comfy work under the loom! I was really happy because I got the tie up set up in no time while being comfortable. Good thing I keep my yoga gear in this "half-studio."  I have one-half of the family room where we keep our TV and bookshelves so it is also a place to relax and maybe move along with an exercise DVD.

Leclerc Fanny warped with overshot block scarf.
Happily, I finished a scarf I began just two weeks ago over Christmas break. It has a hand spun alpaca warp and a commercially prepared warp of silk, kid mohair and glitter. The resulting scarf is luxuriously soft and just in time for some sub-zero temperatures. I'm kind of proud that this is also the fastest project I've done so far on the loom! It was on and off inside of two weeks.

Now to wind some more warps, and get to work on the big throw project....

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