Sunday, February 22, 2015

Year of the sheep!

Border Leicester being spun to fingering weight

Among February's pleasant surprises, discovering that this Lunar New Year ushered in the Year of the Sheep certainly rates among them. This is the beginning of a truly auspicious year for wool lovers everywhere! News reports suggest that some don't think much of it being the year of the sheep since sheep are such docile animals--at least in the popular imagination. But sheep can also produce twins and triplet lambs, wonderful wool, food and milk and all this by just eating grass. So to me, year of the sheep seems to mean a year of peace and prosperity. But most importantly, a year of wool.

Sparkly yarn turning into socks

To a spinners everywhere, Year of the Sheep is a tribute to our favorite fiber animal.  I've been busy carding up a storm so I can make room for new stash come the Spring Fiber Festival Season. Yes, I plan to celebrate the year of the sheep in style. I may have already started. Did I mention there was a sale at my favorite yarn store?  Yes, I bought a bunch of yarn.

Most of this is wool yarn.
So yes, I started the year of the sheep off in style This is all sock yarn as I love sock knitting.  I plan to enjoy the Year of the Sheep!


  1. Beautiful spinning and lovely yarn. I'm trying to make this year the Year of the Cold Sheep. No yarn purchases...

  2. Oh that is tough. Well, I've probably already more than made up for what you won't be buying!

  3. love all the hand made stuff and I agree that there is much satisfaction in hand made bread etc.
    I keep trying to spin a fine sock yarn I'll get there in the end I love knitting socks too the year of the sheep is a great excuse for more yarny stuff