Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mad dash

410 yards of bright green Border Leicester was my first spin of the Tour

Tour de Fleece is the mad dash of the spinning world--a three week frenzy of spinning wool into yarn preceded by a long build up period where people join virtual teams and set goals. Goal setting is basically showing pictures of all the fiber you plan to spin. Set to the Tour de France, spinners from around the world started turning their wheels last Saturday, July 3.

Now, I'm working on super bulky rug yarn.

And I am among them and this time fiber prep is part of the deal. I have POUNDS of grey Romney to turn into rug yarn and carding is a part of that process. Being a super bulky yarn, it doesn't take very long to spin a carded batt. This week, I spun and plyed 410 yards of bright green Border Leicester and now I am on to spinning as much Romney, super bulky rug yarn as I can. I have 20 oz spun so far and more to go.

Hand picked fiber ready for the carder.
This is where "cardocise" comes in handy.  Spinning is a sedentary task, so adding a little cardio to the mix has been a help.  This week, I was able to get an extra two hours of heart rate in the "zone" for cardiac fitness by "picking" the fleece while on a small trampoline called a jogger or rebounder.  Picking is essentially fluffing the locks of fleece out as seen in the picture of the fiber next to the carder. Each lock of wool needs to be teased into a cloud of fluff. This job can easily be done sitting down, but adding the motion helps a lot.

200 yards of super bulky rug yarn used 20 oz of wool!
So far this week, I've lost two pounds of stash fiber, and 1.2 pounds of me. Not bad! I just have to keep "cardocising." And I have my work cut out for me with spinning this super bulky yarn. I'm having trouble making enough carded wool to keep up! 

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