Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sock it to pure relaxation

Sock pair #12
I've always loved knitting socks, not that I did it that often. Not until I signed up for a challenge back in January to knit 15 pairs this year. I'm in the middle of sock #13, and interestingly, none of them are fancy. Oh, the yarn is pretty: colorful, self-stripping and more, but the actual sock is all from memory, or a cheat sheet when I'm to tired to remember.

Lace is out for me. I can't see deliberately putting holes in a pair of socks. I took a shot at cables, but found my shoulders tensing up as I worked with the tiny needles. So I've settled on pretty yarn and a straightforward plane Jane pattern. They won't win a sock knitting contest, but they are comfortable to wear.
Sock #13 is nearly halfway through
And relaxing. Knitting is a kind of meditation for me, a tranquil time watching the pretty yarn slipping through my favorite needles. The beauty of plane socks is they are so easy and straightforward, I can knit them anywhere. They are the perfect antidote to lousy morning traffic. It nice to finally get to my parking spot at work and spend a few minutes knitting a round or two before I leave the car to start my day. There's nothing quite like the soothing sensation of knitting! It helps me get back my Zen.


  1. I love hand knitted socks. Yours are so adorable. Your choice of yarn is fantastic too. A sock challenge sounds so super cool. You're going to finish the challenge for sure. Good job!

  2. I love them too! Of course, I'm all happy about the cool weather because now I get to wear them!