Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Still picking tomatoes!

Tomatoes fresh from the garden
Our garden is tiny this year. It is the first garden we've had in a few years. A planned expansion to 20 square feet was postponed a couple of years ago when my husband hurt his arm, and this year we finally had the heart to plant some more--but changes in our lives kept us from doing much more than a bunch of tomato plants.

But gardening here we come! I was really encouraged by just how many tomatoes our six plants produced. They kept us in a steady stream of tomatoes all summer! And they continue despite temperatures in cool shortening days. This is exciting. Next year, the garden will be even better!

These will be going into a fresh pasta dish tonight a stirring of some delicious ingredient to make something extra delicious. But I'll share that recipe once I have it figured out.


  1. Nice tomatoes! I wish I could grow some too. Lately I've had a taste for fried green tomatoes. You're making me very hungry!

    1. I have been using the green ones in stir fries. They make a nice vegetable.