Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No turkeys were harmed....

The salmon is thawing in the fridge and the house is clean--well sort of until I tracked in mud after my trip to the compost bin--and holiday decorations are ready to be unboxed. Yes, it is time for a nice cup of tea before jumping into the decorating fray.

Just finished 8 ounces of pretty sweater yarn.
DH and I are opting for wild caught salmon this year, partly in a nod to my anti-inflammatory diet which is very light on meat, and also because buying a huge bird is a bit much for two people. We'd have to get the whole thing if we wanted local/humanely raised. After seeing photos from a commercial turkey pen, I'm really glad we didn't buy a turkey breast. One of the big advantages of anti-inflammatory diet is how little meat we eat. Legumes and vegetable are given the star spot in our meals. Spices make them yummy.

Progress on the spinach
Weight is coming off at about the speed spinach is growing in the cold frame out in back of my house.  They've doubled in side but there is still a long way to go. I enjoy nurturing these little guys as they slowly grow into yummy vegetables. The cold frame needs to be propped open during the day and shut at night, and of course I water them. I'm interested in seeing how my experiment progresses.
pair of socks #16. time to knit something else!
The anti-inflammatory diet does wonders when I'm not slipping up and eating sugar. Those times when I am on it for several weeks and doing it perfectly, I feel amazing--pain and stiffness is gone.  So really I need to focus and be stronger through these sugar infested holidays.
Finished placemats with handspun bamboo warp.
And be thankful I've found a "cure" and stick to the prescription that improves my health. One of the things I've learned over the years is there is a lot of suffering we can avoid for ourselves and others just by changing a few things within ourselves and our surroundings. May we all look for those changes when we count our blessings so we can add a few new blessings to the coming year.

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