Sunday, March 8, 2015

A slight obsession with socks

Socks for DH. I couldn't get them off to take a decent picture.
Ever since I had my carpal tunnel problem fixed, I've become obsessed with sock knitting.  That's because I can knit without my hand growing numb.  So lately I've been buying all kinds of pretty yarns and knitting with them. I even bought some sock blanks to try my hand at dyeing my own.  My LYS has been seeing a lot of me, especially during their 30% off sale. I think you've seen some of the damage in earlier blogs.

Pretty and sparkly colors!

What I love about the yarn available for socks is how pretty it is!  Here is some Plymouth yarn that is just full of interesting and fun to knit colors. Plus it is sparkly! I love that I can knit a plain sock and have all the enjoyment of going from one nice color to the next.  I tried more complicated socks--some with cables--but I found it not relaxing at all, even causing tension. So I abandoned that pair and will just see what I can do with twisted rib stitches to add variety. I have a few ideas. Also, I've decided that plain knit feet are more comfortable in my shoes.

Kettle Dyed Yarn
I purchased some sock blanks from Knit Picks so I can try my hand at dyeing. These two are kettle dyed with the same dye. The one on the right is shades of the full blast color and the one on the right, is the yellow that was left over in the dye bath till exhausted. Kettle dyeing is the easiest method of dyeing since you just plunk the yarn in the pot.  My next plan is to try painting. Now that the weather is warming up, I will be able to use my garage as a dye studio.

Yes, I have toyed with the idea of putting a few things up on Etsie, but right now I'm too obsessed with the knitting of socks to really want to share.  Plus I want to knit up my experiments and see how they work out before foisting them on the public. And I have lot of silk that needs dyeing too, and fleece that needs carding (some of it with the dyed silk) so we shall see. And Fiber Festival season opens in April.