Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!
I am enjoying the holidays, and most importantly, a wonderful respite from the grind of going to work and enjoying time at home playing with my fiber toys--a respite I call Craftcation. This one is two weeks long. European style vacation plans is one of the advantages of working in Academia.
Overshot Throw is off the loom
One of my accomplishments was finishing the overshot throw that I put on my loom back in 2014. I'd kind of neglected it, but this week I wove the last 2/3rds. I cut it off yesterday and am now working on finishing it, which is basically creating the fringe, clipping thread ends, washing, pressing etc. There's still lots of work.

Weaving a 48" width on the big loom is a bit of a workout. I really enjoyed it and I'm planning a couple more throws to weave in 2016. But more about that later.
Spinach is still growing
As you know, I started some spinach seeds in a cold frame back in November. Here is a picture I took today. There are tiny little green leaves forming. The whole process is very slow. But  they are all still alive, so I'm not complaining. I'm wondering if the lengthening days will spur faster growth.

Fiesta Placemats
My bright Fiesta Placemats are also off the loom and finished--thanks to Craftcation. The warp problems are kind of obvious in this one--I seemed to have forgotten everything I learned about checking the warp before jumping into weaving. Thankfully, rewatching Janet Dawson's Craftsy course has refreshed my memory and provided tons of great tips. Anyone wanting to learn to weave should buy that course from It is worth every dime. I think it is worth it for anyone contemplating weaving, because it shows you all that is involved. A good idea before plunking down money on a loom. Weaving is not for the faint of heart.
Two Fiesta placemats using mostly white weft
Dieting: This is the time of year we all look to accumulated lard and think of losing some. I am relieved to say that last year my net weight loss was 4 pounds, the year before that 8. This year, I'd like to lose 30 pounds and bring my BMI down six points. Considering my history, this is a very ambitious goal. But ultimately it is doable because it averages a bit over a kilo per month. I think if I keep busy and engaged, I can avoid many food related pitfalls.

So now to get back to crafting. Happy New Year everyone and may you have a wonderful crafting time!

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