Sunday, February 28, 2016


I love this hat
Nothing quite beats a lovely hand knit hat to spark inspiration. It's nice to have something pretty on my head keeping all the thoughts warm. I was delighted when Janet offered me the hat she knit (shown above) at Wednesday's sit and stitch. I love this hat. Janet is a talented spinner, knitter and weaver who love mixing texture and color.

 The hat is so pretty, I could wear it to a poetry slam.

Wisps of thought
melding with clouds
blue sky

Something like that, but done dramatically. With a cool hat, colorful handknit tunic sweater and yoga pants, I'd be outfitted to express myself. I'd have to improve my poetry, I suppose.  Probably write a lot more of it than i do.  Clothes do not make the verse.
This is the cool slouchy back
Well, no slams just yet. I'm busy enough with everything else I'm doing around the Craftstead. There is so much yarn, so little time.  And spring is in the air with these unseasonable temperatures. We are enjoying the second 50 degree weekend in a row!
I still have spinach
 The spinach still know it is February and continues to grow slowly.  I think they need thinning, but I will wait until we put the new garden squares out in March. I think I can transplant some and have a nice crop. 
Socks for DH
We went out for a drive Saturday and I was able to finish up these socks I started back in January. I'm participating in the 6 or 16 in 2016 challenge on Ravelry, and this brings me up to 8 projects completed so far this year, including finishing three works in progress (WIPS). I am also making headway on the charity scarf knitting and I just finished this:
Purple charity scarf
It is an infinity scarf done in moss diamonds. It developed this wavyness, so I left it in, blocking it very lightly.
The other scarf is a lace infinity, using a free Ravelry pattern, Easy Lace Cowl. I used sparkly yarn for this one:
Easy Lace Cowl for charity
So, yes, there's been a lot of knitting going on around here.  But weaving and spinning have happened too. Today, I've been beaming a warp on the big loom. I had to take a break so I decided to do some blogging. That's about all right now. Hope everyone has a great week.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lace, finally

My first lace scarf
Though I can increase and decrease using several methods, have done stranded knitting and cables, for some reason I've avoided lace all these many years as a knitter. My few attempts had ended out with an undecipherable mess which led me to abandon the attempts. 

This time though, I stuck with learning the technique. And this time I had help and the very good advice to put a marker to separate each pattern repeat. The marker made all the difference. This kept me from getting lost. It also allowed me to make quick adjustments, for instance discretely reducing a stitch when I had 13 instead of 12 in my repeat and vice versa. The scarf turned out nicely. The pattern was simple and pretty, the Lagoon Pond Scarf by Jennifer Meyers, a free Ravelry download. The yarn for this one is a 100% wool my niece bought for me. I'd meant to make something special with it for a few years, and I finally did!

Cowl for charity knit
So now I want to knit more lace. My sit and stitch is making scarves for our annual fundraiser for a local charity--likely a women's shelter or some other good cause.  With my newly minted lace skills, I'm set to be knitting up a storm! I made the cowl above, primarily because there was only one skein of red. The next time I use this lovely and easy pattern, Circle of Love Cowl, by Evelyn Clark, I am going to double the number of stitches and make an infinity scarf.

I've also been cheating in my blocking. I'm using the steam iron and a wet cloth.  I know! But blocking seems so tedious to me. I've yet to do it. I'd like the say the weaver in me wants to give everything a good hard press.  Regardless, my lace is going from crumpled to flat.
Scarf before "blocking"
The scarf came off the needles squishy and crinkly, but after a light press with the iron (protecting the knitting with a wet cloth) I had the smooth scarf shown at the top of this blog.  I have to say, I'm really enjoying knitting lace. Besides doing the charity knits, I have some lace things I want to do for myself--like a shawl and other lovely things.

Monday, February 1, 2016

More yarn

1100 yards at 12-13 wpi

Despite having one of the busiest weekends in awhile, I managed to finish plying the very last skein of the Crocodile Tears Yarn. Sadly, this last skein seems more uniform than the other two without the splashes of deep blues and greens. This means it might not be the best choice for a sweater. I may end out weaving with it. I will have to see how it is once I rinse the yarn.  So I add a few more skeins to my stash while I plan something. I already have three 18 gallon buckets jam packed, not including the one I'm filling with future rug yarn. I'd better get busy knitting, weaving etc.

The spinach continues to survive the ordeal of growing in a cold frame in winter by me. It is small, though--the leaves are the size of a penny. There is a long time to grow.

My diet is going about as well as the spinach. I suppose it would help if I actually dieted--hehehe. But this month I have a new plan for increased activity so we shall see how it goes.