Sunday, February 28, 2016


I love this hat
Nothing quite beats a lovely hand knit hat to spark inspiration. It's nice to have something pretty on my head keeping all the thoughts warm. I was delighted when Janet offered me the hat she knit (shown above) at Wednesday's sit and stitch. I love this hat. Janet is a talented spinner, knitter and weaver who love mixing texture and color.

 The hat is so pretty, I could wear it to a poetry slam.

Wisps of thought
melding with clouds
blue sky

Something like that, but done dramatically. With a cool hat, colorful handknit tunic sweater and yoga pants, I'd be outfitted to express myself. I'd have to improve my poetry, I suppose.  Probably write a lot more of it than i do.  Clothes do not make the verse.
This is the cool slouchy back
Well, no slams just yet. I'm busy enough with everything else I'm doing around the Craftstead. There is so much yarn, so little time.  And spring is in the air with these unseasonable temperatures. We are enjoying the second 50 degree weekend in a row!
I still have spinach
 The spinach still know it is February and continues to grow slowly.  I think they need thinning, but I will wait until we put the new garden squares out in March. I think I can transplant some and have a nice crop. 
Socks for DH
We went out for a drive Saturday and I was able to finish up these socks I started back in January. I'm participating in the 6 or 16 in 2016 challenge on Ravelry, and this brings me up to 8 projects completed so far this year, including finishing three works in progress (WIPS). I am also making headway on the charity scarf knitting and I just finished this:
Purple charity scarf
It is an infinity scarf done in moss diamonds. It developed this wavyness, so I left it in, blocking it very lightly.
The other scarf is a lace infinity, using a free Ravelry pattern, Easy Lace Cowl. I used sparkly yarn for this one:
Easy Lace Cowl for charity
So, yes, there's been a lot of knitting going on around here.  But weaving and spinning have happened too. Today, I've been beaming a warp on the big loom. I had to take a break so I decided to do some blogging. That's about all right now. Hope everyone has a great week.

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