Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lace, finally

My first lace scarf
Though I can increase and decrease using several methods, have done stranded knitting and cables, for some reason I've avoided lace all these many years as a knitter. My few attempts had ended out with an undecipherable mess which led me to abandon the attempts. 

This time though, I stuck with learning the technique. And this time I had help and the very good advice to put a marker to separate each pattern repeat. The marker made all the difference. This kept me from getting lost. It also allowed me to make quick adjustments, for instance discretely reducing a stitch when I had 13 instead of 12 in my repeat and vice versa. The scarf turned out nicely. The pattern was simple and pretty, the Lagoon Pond Scarf by Jennifer Meyers, a free Ravelry download. The yarn for this one is a 100% wool my niece bought for me. I'd meant to make something special with it for a few years, and I finally did!

Cowl for charity knit
So now I want to knit more lace. My sit and stitch is making scarves for our annual fundraiser for a local charity--likely a women's shelter or some other good cause.  With my newly minted lace skills, I'm set to be knitting up a storm! I made the cowl above, primarily because there was only one skein of red. The next time I use this lovely and easy pattern, Circle of Love Cowl, by Evelyn Clark, I am going to double the number of stitches and make an infinity scarf.

I've also been cheating in my blocking. I'm using the steam iron and a wet cloth.  I know! But blocking seems so tedious to me. I've yet to do it. I'd like the say the weaver in me wants to give everything a good hard press.  Regardless, my lace is going from crumpled to flat.
Scarf before "blocking"
The scarf came off the needles squishy and crinkly, but after a light press with the iron (protecting the knitting with a wet cloth) I had the smooth scarf shown at the top of this blog.  I have to say, I'm really enjoying knitting lace. Besides doing the charity knits, I have some lace things I want to do for myself--like a shawl and other lovely things.

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  1. Lovely knitting. I've been fully bitten by the lace bug and blocking wires are worth their weight in gold.