Sunday, March 13, 2016

Snap. crackle, pop

Polychrome crackle at the top, lace below

 A three day workshop on crackle weave left me both inspired and a little tired. I've already changed my mind about one project I was going to do in favor of crackle, and that's not all. I can see long warps of scarves in my future.

The workshop was taught by Beth Duncan and sponsored by my guild Illinois Prairie Weavers. I warped up the old structo artcraft and rolled it into the workshop on a luggage cart. I haven't used this loom much as weaving on a table loom is much more time consuming than the floor looms I use, among other drawbacks. But I enjoyed weaving on it and getting to know my way around the loom.

Vintage walnut workshop loom.
Crackle is a really versatile structure, and we learned how to incorporate different kinds of treadling sequences and color combinations to make interesting effects. This turned out to be fascinating. Because I'm a slow weaver, when I got home, I wove a ton more samples, such as the one above! That is a three tone polychrome weave in gold, green and dark brown.  I am almost done with the warp.

Done as overshot
Weaving crackle like overshot is the most common way, but there are other interesting effects created using color combinations. I tried the overshot method in two colors, and tried different tabby colors too.

Spinach is getting big

I can see spinach in my future! It is growing! So are the flowers outside. I should have some daffodils soon. We are having a very early spring this year. I won't complain about it. It's hard to believe I used to be one of those people who liked snow. But when it does snow, there's never time to enjoy it. With work, snow is all about shoveling and traffic being slow. Once free time rolls around, the snow is melted, or turned to ice. Sad. There isn't much time to like it anymore.

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