Monday, May 2, 2016

Beautiful Spring!

This past weekend was spent working out in the garden. We are building a butterfly and bee garden in the back and then we have a shade garden we call the grotto under a linden tree in the back. It has been a ton of work! I did so much digging that I am super sore.

The spinach after transplanting. 
As you know, I did a little garden experiment trying to grow spinach in a cold frame. Nothing happened really until spring when it started to grow like crazy. So I decided to move it outside into the  real garden. Above, it is doing really well having survived a snow and cold and more--this was from the beginning of April about a week or two after I planted it.  It's looking yummy! Below, was this past weekend:
What happened to the spinach?
So where did all that spinach go? It filled two raised squares, and was growing to the point of being ready to eat.
Can gorgeous tulips be a clue to disappearing spinach?
Between the spinach being healthy and disappearing, these tulips bloomed gorgeous without interference from bunny rabbits.  Could it be that my spinach distracted these cute furry rodents long enough to let the tulips bloom?. I really did appreciate the gorgeous display--my tulips have yet to survive the furry onslaught. At first, I thought it was the coyotes who frequent my suburban neighborhood in the predawn hours--you know the cycle of life and all that--protecting my flowers. But then I visited the garden in hopes of a spinach omelet and realized someone small and furry and beaten me to it.

Alpaca two-ply spun 382 yards out of 8 oz

Yes I have a fence, but it has worn down over the years and needs a bit of help. So I think the bunnies have grown fat on the largess of spinach. I suppose next weekend will be another busy time in the garden. I have ordered nine more pots of perennials to plant so I know I'll have the shovel in hand again. Plus, I think it is time to go to the garden center for tomatoes and peppers, so we can get a start on our planting.

Falling leaves scarves from handspun.
So being as pooped as I am from gardening, more knitting is getting done than weaving or spinning. Yes, I am trending towards projects that allow me to put my feet up! It's always nice to be pooped AND productive!

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