Thursday, June 2, 2016

Birds and bees

I love bumble bees. I'm always glad to see them each spring, those improbable roly poly bundles moving from flower to flower. Bumble bees are our native bees and I like to see them thrive. I am proud that some are able to overwinter near my house. No you won't see fuddly green chem crud truck in front of my house. You will see dandelions.

The yard in late April. Things are starting to grow and things planted.
Gardening has been a bit of an obsession and this year we made an extra effort toward our goal of a bird and bee friendly suburban plot. Sun and more native plants were added to the front yard. We had removed some kind of an inedible pear tree that came with our house and this spring planted some bee balm where it once stood. Along the walk to our house we have bergamot, purple and yellow coneflower, butterfly milkweed, Joe Pie Weed and a couple of native plants whose names I forget.

Today you can see more things growing.
We also added a Redbud to the front lawn in a spot where it shouldn't grow to shade all the prairie plants and give lovely flowers for bumble bees to forage from in early spring. Knowing how things will shade requires knowing where the sun strikes around the house. I think I have it figured out. We shall see as I hope to show the progress of this garden throughout the summer.

The walkway: Roses and blue false indigo on one side, allium on the other.
You may recall all the bulbs I planted last fall. They are growing! You can see a variety of allium to the left. I planted these to add color in June and because the bunnies won't eat them. Sadly, the bunnies have snacked on some of my yellow and purple coneflower which are slowly growing next to them on the walk.

 I took this photo kind of late so it isn't very clear.  I will take better photos as the summer progresses so you can see how pretty a critter friendly suburban yard can be.

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