Monday, July 4, 2016

A new normal

Bergamot in the backyard.
It has been quiet around here without our dog. Getting home from work isn't quite as much fun and the backdoor doesn't get opened as often. But summer moves forward with thousands of consolations, including this beautiful bergamot growing in our back yard. The bumble bees and hummingbirds love it!

The Tour de Fleece is on!
And July has its own distractions--my favorite being the Tour de Fleece, which started off on Saturday and follows the same timeline as the Tour de France. I have two wheels out being used to help keep up with all the spinning I plan to do.  On the Matchless, I've spun some brown rug yarn and the Lendrum has a merino angora blend which I hope will someday make a very fuzzy hat. This is one of my favorite Ravelry events. At the lower left are balls of charcoal gray Shetland roving I've been spinning since June, but finally was able to ply into some nice fingering weight yarn:

450 yards of gray Shetland.
Best of all, I received a call from the Round Barn Fiber Mill and the Corriedale I'd sent them to be carded is finished. So we had a nice drive out to Durand, IL to pick it up this weekend. It's nice driving through the cornfields. And the corn was high too, much higher than my knees for the Fourth of July, but not quite to the Elephant's eye stage. I'm thinking waist high.

Two big boxes of roving
So DH and I picked up these two big boxes of roving, about 14 pounds worth. I waited patiently until I got home to have a look, which is a good thing since the roving just "poofed" right up out of the box. Below is a picture of Brownie's fleece turned into something absolutely scrumptious and ready to spin!

Brownie as roving after 11 years!
I purchased this fleece in the Spring of 2005, so I'm glad to see it in spin-able form. I don't thing I'd ever have carded all that by myself. There was five pounds of it and all gorgeous. Now it is extra gorgeous in this form. Thank you Round Barn Fiber Mill! You will be seeing more of my stash very soon. In fact, I've been wading through it trying to decide what to have carded next!