Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weaving joy

Block twill is going slick
Despite setbacks, mistakes and unbelievable tangles, I am glad I set out on this journey to learn to weave seven years ago. It has proven to be all I hoped with the long learning curve. I know I will never be bored with it.  Above I am nearly done my second towel.  As you know from my previous blog, I had a heck of a time getting the warp just right. As I started, I had to make a few more adjustments to get the sheds just so.

But the fussing and redoing does not daunt me. Being undaunted and forging ahead has probably been the most useful skill as I've learned to weave.  I tell people weaving  is not for the faint of heart.

All the perseverance has paid off, because weaving this warp has been a joy. I really love block twill because I can easily spot treadling mistakes. So I like how nice this is coming out. I love how the two colors interact.

Block Twill is also giving me ideas for future projects. I plan to open up my weaving program and experiment with point block twills. That should be interesting.  And I need to try extra colors in the warp to see how that goes. There are so many possibilities with this structure!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brain farts and other weaving setbacks

Each of the 480 threads needs to be pulled through one of these metal "heddles"
Just when I thought I had turned a corner and reached a point where I was no longer stumbling over tangles in my attempts to produce woven cloth,  I had a brain fart. I had just meticulously wound the warp, successfully beamed the 11 yards of cottolin thread. I was proud. I had arrived.

That's when I had the brain fart. It was time to thread the loom So I sat down and transcribed by threading plan onto graph paper.

Now, I should explain the difference between a brain fart and a brain cramp. A brain cramp is when you are doing something like simple addition, double check it and keep getting different answers. When you have a brain cramp, you know something is wrong.

Many hours later, all re-threaded

A brain fart is when you do something completely wrong and you are so oblivious of it, you think you did a great job! You pat yourself on your back and tell all your friends. You might even blog about it.  That's what I had. A brain fart. I was so proud at how neatly I'd transcribed the threading plan onto my graph paper, I sat down gleefully and confidently threaded three quarters of the loom.

It took that long before I started wondering what was going wrong. For one thing, there were two many threads left for what I thought my plan was. This is called a red flag. So, I ignored it. I kept threading away--and I'm talking about 480 threads here--until my thick realized I had seriously messed the whole thing up.

Two bouts of black warp await threading on loom.

That's when I realized I had a brain fart.  They are tricky that way. They sneak up on you and can leave you with a mess to clean up.  I ended out staying up until 2 a.m trying to figure out where I went wrong--a major brain fart is not something you want to sleep on. Now that I've figured it out, I am diligently rethreading the whole stinking 480 thread project.

I did say there was a dark tangled side to weaving a few years back. I have mastered the tangles, but not all the possible things that go wrong, aka brain farts. Fortunately, I've managed to rethread the loom and will soon be weaving. I hope.

I'm having better luck learning to knit lace.
In other areas, the spinach continues to grow in the cold frame. The leaves are about an inch long now. My diet is doing okay. I joined the slim down challenge on the 6 or 16 in 2016 group on Ravelry.  I am formulating a new strategy and I will let you know if it works. No need to tout some new gimmick. I'm going gimick free, but part of my plan involves replacing the broken airdyne bike with a new used one. I can only stand bouncing on the rebounder for so long, plus it's tough to watch Netflix that way.

In the same group 6 or 16 in 2016, I signed up for dozens of other challenges. This should keep me busy and provide fodder for this blog.  And, as you can see from the photo, I'm finally teaching myself to knit lace. Finally. That's all for this week. See you soon with picture of towels being woven!

Error: In my last blog, I called referred to the Fiesta Placemats as towels. I've corrected that error.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!
I am enjoying the holidays, and most importantly, a wonderful respite from the grind of going to work and enjoying time at home playing with my fiber toys--a respite I call Craftcation. This one is two weeks long. European style vacation plans is one of the advantages of working in Academia.
Overshot Throw is off the loom
One of my accomplishments was finishing the overshot throw that I put on my loom back in 2014. I'd kind of neglected it, but this week I wove the last 2/3rds. I cut it off yesterday and am now working on finishing it, which is basically creating the fringe, clipping thread ends, washing, pressing etc. There's still lots of work.

Weaving a 48" width on the big loom is a bit of a workout. I really enjoyed it and I'm planning a couple more throws to weave in 2016. But more about that later.
Spinach is still growing
As you know, I started some spinach seeds in a cold frame back in November. Here is a picture I took today. There are tiny little green leaves forming. The whole process is very slow. But  they are all still alive, so I'm not complaining. I'm wondering if the lengthening days will spur faster growth.

Fiesta Placemats
My bright Fiesta Placemats are also off the loom and finished--thanks to Craftcation. The warp problems are kind of obvious in this one--I seemed to have forgotten everything I learned about checking the warp before jumping into weaving. Thankfully, rewatching Janet Dawson's Craftsy course has refreshed my memory and provided tons of great tips. Anyone wanting to learn to weave should buy that course from It is worth every dime. I think it is worth it for anyone contemplating weaving, because it shows you all that is involved. A good idea before plunking down money on a loom. Weaving is not for the faint of heart.
Two Fiesta placemats using mostly white weft
Dieting: This is the time of year we all look to accumulated lard and think of losing some. I am relieved to say that last year my net weight loss was 4 pounds, the year before that 8. This year, I'd like to lose 30 pounds and bring my BMI down six points. Considering my history, this is a very ambitious goal. But ultimately it is doable because it averages a bit over a kilo per month. I think if I keep busy and engaged, I can avoid many food related pitfalls.

So now to get back to crafting. Happy New Year everyone and may you have a wonderful crafting time!