Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

My resolutions this year are both creative and health related. I already have a jump on them by starting some socks and spinning an ounce of this lovely Polworth Pygora blend I have. Here are my goals:

1. Make 17 projects using stash yarn.
2. Spin 17 skeins of yarn.
3. Knit 7 pairs of socks.
4. Knit 7 shawls
5. Weave off towel warp and finish.
6. Weave placemats.
7. Weave tencel crackle scarves/shawls
8. Finish silk scarf.
9  weave throw.
10. Weave more silk shawls?
11. 7 pairs of earrings.

12. Finish that sweater from 2010

1. take 1000 miles of walks.
2. Lose 60 pounds.

Yes, pretty ambitious, but why not? This is going to be the best year yet!