Friday, March 24, 2017

It is really done

I had my occasional doubts about this bottoms up shawl. I thought for awhile that I had made a big mistake and would have to knit extra rows to fix it. I was wrong!
Penny Schumers Thistle in Bloom shawl came out beautifully. I used up 640 meters of fingering weight yarn and I love the size. Yesterday I was trying it on before blocking and it was big. I made it to keep off  the indoor chill this summer at knit night.
I chose the yarn and pattern to celebrate Spring.  I call it My Organic Lawn in Spring and I think I  got the look I wanted.
This is a great pattern. Yes, I was a little daunted with it being bottoms up, but it all turned out well and I am happy with my new shawl.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bottoms up

Row 34 of 192. One of the disadvantages of knitting a shawl from the bottom up is knowing exactly how much is ahead of me.  So I am just about 1/6th in. But it is starting to speed up a bit. I  will be interested to see how it is in another 34 rows.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Spinning DK

Spinning wool for consistency can be tricky at times. I want to turn the pounds of Romeldale roving that came home from the mill in January to DK weight. I would like enough to knit Starmore's Irish Moss.

Getting DK has been tricky. I have discovered my default spin is 13 WPI. Or nothing quite standard. This is fine for my own design and could be squeezed into sport or fingering projects, but this time I want to try for spot on 11 WPI.

The yarn gauge is a big help.

Experimenting has shown me that I need to aim for a slightly smaller weight on the grid because of the way I "eye" the thickness against the line of the guide. So I am heading toward a 24 single for two  ply instead of a 22. This will work for me.
I also need to concentrate on consistency, which for me means writing it down.

The yarn on the left came out 9 WPI because I  didn't pay attention. When I concentrated, I managed the one on the right which came out at 11. It still needs improvement and I am looking forward to showing off an even skein next time. Or not. I suppose the fun is in trying and they do have machines that make really spot on DK.