Spinning DK

Spinning wool for consistency can be tricky at times. I want to turn the pounds of Romeldale roving that came home from the mill in January to DK weight. I would like enough to knit Starmore's Irish Moss.

Getting DK has been tricky. I have discovered my default spin is 13 WPI. Or nothing quite standard. This is fine for my own design and could be squeezed into sport or fingering projects, but this time I want to try for spot on 11 WPI.

The yarn gauge is a big help.

Experimenting has shown me that I need to aim for a slightly smaller weight on the grid because of the way I "eye" the thickness against the line of the guide. So I am heading toward a 24 single for two  ply instead of a 22. This will work for me.
I also need to concentrate on consistency, which for me means writing it down.

The yarn on the left came out 9 WPI because I  didn't pay attention. When I concentrated, I managed the one on the right which came out at 11. It still needs improvement and I am looking forward to showing off an even skein next time. Or not. I suppose the fun is in trying and they do have machines that make really spot on DK.


  1. I find that I can spin really consistent lace or fingering weight, but anything thicker than that I have problems.

    I am actually planning to use a guide for my next spin as I am hoping to spin a sweater quantity.


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