Perky Crafty Time

Not being my usual perky crafty self lately, my projects have lagged behind a bit. Could it be spring and all the work on my garden? Probably. We are expanding the native prairie-scape out front and adding milkweed and Joe Pie Weed to our backyard mini-prairie.
Now that I'm relaxing in a zero gravity chair and have cleaned the dirt out from under my finger nails, I've been a whirl of crafting activity. I cast on and unprecedent three projects AND I am rethreading the big loom to a 4 shaft overshot project in Ancient Rose Design from M P Davidson's classic book. Usually, I'm a fuddy-duddy stickler casting on one project at a time. Change is good.
The shawl shown below was finished a week ago. It is my second go at Evelyn Clark's Swallowtail design with some slight  modifications. Yes, still struggling with those nupps. So many knitters do gorgeous things with nupps. I am not one of them.  Next time I will try using beads instead of nupps, something recommended by fellow nupp-challenged  knitters.


  1. Sorry you've been unwell. I adore the colours in your shawl. Personally I prefer beads to nupps. Much more enjoyable!


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